Pilsen's Fine & Performing Arts Magnet School

Our school focuses on combining a rigorous academic program with high quality enrichment programs for our students and their families. We offer a quality program of instruction aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and the Chicago Reading Initiative.

Why Choose Perez?

In the following video, hear directly from Jessica Johnson, our principal, about why Perez is a hidden gem in our community.

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perez students in music class

Our Mission

At Perez, we nurture and embrace every student's individuality and potential, moving them beyond their limits to thrive and take on the world--to not only become contributing members of society, but to have a voice that leads and inspires change.

Our Vision

Our students see themselves as individuals, prideful about their school and optimistic about their endeavors. Their natural abilities set the foundation for how we engage them as individuals, scholars and leaders. Our approach employs the understanding that we cultivate the rich assets that already exist within the whole child. We teach with risk, passion, and joy as a means to promote leadership and critical reasoning that allows them to dream big while taking action.


As we look toward the future, we see the promise of students entering high schools of their choice with the tools and experiences needed to steer their lives. Their multifaceted pathways symbolize the culmination of roles played by supporters, parents, and staff.  As we celebrate the courage and confidence of each child, we firmly accept our position as a gem emanating light in Pilsen, Chicago, and beyond.

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Enhanced School Curriculum

At Perez, we are continuously adding and integrating a number of programs and resources for the benefit of educating the whole child. Some of our programs and resources are listed below.

perez students in music class

Music Program
Pre-K - 8

Perez-Public Arts

Art Program
Pre-K - 8

Perez-Global Education Cultural Exchange

Leader in Me


Chinese Mandarin
Language Program

Perez-30 Workstations


Free Afterschool Programs Until 6PM

K-2 untill 5PM | 3-8 until 6PM

Perez hosts after school programs for Kindergarten to 8th-grade Monday-Friday offering after school programs that are engaging and focused on creativity and movement. 

Our goal is to offer students an opportunity to participate in after school programs that provide diverse experiences and opportunities for students to participate in team sports and group activities. 

Student participation in these activities has proven to have a significant impact on their leadership development and future success.

Our goal is to offer these at the most minimal cost to students and families to ensure there are no barriers in access.

pre-k class

Perez Paws

K-2nd Grade
perez class

Perez Rise

2nd-6th Grade
group of perez students

Teen Reach

7th-8th Grade

Strategically Located

Located in a culturally rich neighborhood, Perez is within walking distance of many valuable resources and cultural institutions such as...

lozano public library


Lozano Public Library

Dvorak Park District


Dvorak Park District

National Museum of Mexican Art


National Museum of Mexican Art

University of Illinois in Chicago


The University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago Medical District


Illinois Medical District

Chicago South Loop


South Loop
(12-min Walk)

Explore Perez

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Perez Elementary Exterior

Will You Join the Perez Community?

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