Rated Top 5 Best Elementary Schools in Chicago

Our Curriculum and Programs

There's a reason Chicago Public Schools continues to rate Perez as a 1+ school for 5 years in a row. Our student growth and attainment are above average because as educators and parents, we are highly concerned about our culture and climate, which when done well, establishes an environment where students can thrive.


Fine & Performing Arts

Perez students receive a minimum of 2 hours per week of fine and performing arts instruction. Students in primary grades have additional art and music as an opportunity for creativity and inquiry to be integrated throughout the school day. Each Spring the Annual Fine Arts Festival is held for the school community. Art and music stimulates students' brains and research has shown the benefits to learning and development.

Leader in Me

We establish a “whole-child” mindset with the belief that all students have genius and everyone can be a leader. The Leader in Me curriculum provides us with a model and process that addresses common challenges that are unique to students during their formative years through 5 Core paradigms.

World Language

Perez has a full time Mandarin teacher that works with students in preschool through eight grade. All students are provided the opportunity to learn a World Language. This allows the opportunity to foster a second (and sometimes a third language) while exploring other cultures and worldviews.


Approximately, 42% of our student body is enrolled in the Transitional Bilingual Education Program which emphasizes a transition to the General Program of Instruction as mandated by the Bilingual Education Act.

Enrichment Opportunities

Perez elementary offers all students in pk-8th a diverse range of enrichment opportunities. Students participate in art, music, physical education, and world language in all grade levels. Ensuring the student educational experience encompasses movement, creativity, and exploration is a priority. Perez is unique in that we are a public school offering music, art, and mandarin.

  • All students (pk-8th) will be provided opportunities to be in music, art, physical education, and mandarin on a weekly basis for a minimum of 5 hours/week.

  • The goal is for students to remain active, creative, and engaged in inquiry throughout the school day, which will provide students with a learning experience that focuses on the whole child and stimulates their brains.

  • Art, music, language, and movement are not optional for learning but necessary for children.




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Looking for Additional Opportunities?

We have partnered with community organizations to bring after-school programs to our students at minimal to no cost! click below to learn more about the programs offered at your child's grade level.